Getting a fresh pair of eyes on your script before submitting can often be the difference between selling a script or not being read past page five. I offer a thorough and affordable service of script editing and consultancy tailored to the individual writer's needs. Whether it's one page review of your script, a deep dive analysis of your script's structure and character arcs, or a full script edit involving dialogue amendments and reformatting, there is an option to suit you.

Fill in the form if you'd like to get in touch about a script or project. Below is an example of some consultancy work I did with Black Arrow Films.

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I was hired by BlackArrow Films to turn their detailed outline for Fly or Die into a full script. Throughout the process I provided them updates on the script itself as well as detailed analyses on the script such as beat sheets, dialogue breakdowns and character biographies. I also rewrote several key moments to the improve the overall dramatic structure of the film.

I created many of the promotional materials used to brand and market the film to investors including a full outline for two possible sequels.